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    Capturing aggregated values through parameter

    Sidharth Dash

      Dear Friends,


      Is there any way to capture aggretaed value through parameter (for the pupose of comparing with another aggregation)?


      To explain what i am looking for:


      In the attached twbx I have created a USA map which shows the sales values. I want to fill the map in Green and Red for each state based on :- "If SUM(Sales) of a particular state > AVG(Sales) of all the states then green else red".


      I was analyzing that if AVG(Sales) value for the entire USA can be stored in a parameter and that parameter can be compared with individual states total sales, then it might be possible. But I am failing to implement this. When I tried to create a parameter with list type and tried to get the value from calculated field (in this case:Calc_AvgSales which has the avg(sales)) , I get an error message that "Can not connect to data source". Is there any other way around?


      Could anyone please help me with this.