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    Calculation based on map selection

    Knox Hutchinson



      I am working on a dashboard that will need a dynamic calculation based on what the end user will select in a map.


      I have data as such:

      County         Population         Participating in Labor Force         Employed       Unemployed

      County 1       200                             150                                         100                    50

      County 2       100                             75                                             50                    25

      County 3       150                              85                                            60                     25


      I am trying to create a calculated field where the end user can select any combination of the above counties and return the following results:


      (Sum of Selected Unemployed)/(Sum of selected Participating in Labor Force)


      ie., a user selects County 1 and County 3 by clicking on them on the map.

      Calculated field:





      I have duplicated the map as a crosstab, and I have successfully created fields that show the Sum of Participating in the Labor Force, and the sum of Unemployed. I added these to the crosstab and calculate using Table Down. However, I created a third calculation to divide Sum of Unemployed by the Sum of Participating in Labor Force, and compute using Table Down and my results are yielded as 0.


      edit again: strangely, the correct number is showing up in the Tooltip but not in the actual window.