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    ETL dependency trigger of schedule through tabcmd run schedule

    Alex Tanchoco

      We are just getting started with setting up Tableau.  We would like to run schedules that will be triggered with the completion of ETL and other related processes through a scheduling software.  The scheduling software will trigger a command line batch script on the Tableau Server which will include the command tabcmd runschedule "schedule name".  This is to make sure that the ETL processes running on the target system have completed before trying to extract the result of the ETL through a Tableau data source.


      We are having issues that seem to be authorization related when running the tabcmd runschedule command.  The message “*** Authorization required” appears even though I provided the user id and password.  I tried both my own user ID which is a system admin as well as the service account used to configure Tableau server with the same result.


      I would appreciate any help to move forward.