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    Email Subscriptions Icon Not Available

    Sam Bruce

      Where did my subscriptions envelope icon go?


      My system is set up to allow subscriptions and in fact I receive subscriptions regularly.  The problem now is that I don't see the envelope icon anymore to add new subscriptions.


      1) The server is configured to enable email subscriptions.

      2) The site(s) are enabled to allow subscriptions

      3) The workbooks are set to full Editor permissions

      4) I'm using 8.1.1





      I went home this afternoon with a migraine and when I came out of the darkness I had a revelation about my subscription problem.


      In a nutshell, I couldn't get the envelope icon to appear even though I had everything set up right. What had happened was that I had temporarily disabled all schedules.  Turns out that without at least one schedule no envelope!  All I did was enable one schedule and the envelope icon appeared as expected.  This can't be by design and is more likely a side effect of something else. 

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          Rick Mahoney

          Thank you for this.  Everything isn't "set up right" until you have enabled a schedule. Same happened to me and I am over it.


          Self-help is the best.  Good job, Sam.

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            Sam Bruce

            Hi Rick, further to this... as I am still having challenges... I've learned that if a subscription is triggered yet there is a problem with it, (ie the email address is bad or missing), the subscription creates a log jam in server preventing all subsequent subscriptions from running. I have checked my backgrounder at times and found days worth of subscriptions jammed up all because one got stuck.  This has got so frustrating that I've created a daily 6am subscription to myself just to know that the queue is processing.


            I'm heading to the Vegas partner conference tomorrow and hopefully will get this resolved.




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              Rick Mahoney

              I did not include the fact that I cannot use subscriptions as my company email uses SSL and that format is not supported by Tableau yet.  Scripts are built doing the job of subscrptions.  I am in no rush for 8.1 and the apparent problems triggered by the "#" appendage reported in the forum.


              Have fun in Vegas but don't tell anybody.