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    An error occurred while communicating with Microsoft Analysis Services Cube


      Hi all-


      I just installed Tableau Desktop x64 late yesterday, and tried to hook it up to Analysis Services. I have been accessing the Analysis Services cubes for years via Excel/Data Connection, and re-confirmed that I can still access it. However, when I try to connect via Tableau, I get the message:


      "An error occurred while communicating with Microsoft Analysis Services Cube. The drivers necessary to connect to this database server are not properly installed. Visit http[tableau link] to download driver setup files."


      I visited that page, and installed the MS XML 6 and MS XML 6-64 bit drivers, testing after each... but Tableau still won't connect. The connection box looks almost (or is) identical to the one that pops up in Excel, and I use the same input- server name and windows authentication, it just can't establish a connection.


      Since I can connect via Excel, this does look like a configuration or drivers issue, but I've already exhausted the limit information provided on the drivers page. I also googled and also searched this site, but so far have not been able to find a solution.


      I welcome any pointers or suggestions!

      Thank you