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    Parameter Calendar Function in Tableau Server 8.1.3 Changes Date Format

    Matthew Araujo

      Hi Guys,


      I've got a tricky problem which i just can't resolve

      I have a data source borne from a SQL query which i then use to create a simple dashboard

      In that SQL query i've embedded a couple of tableau parameters (to act as a 'WHERE' clause) that set a minimum date and a maximum date. This is so users can select their own date range when viewing the dashboard


      it looks like this:

      SELECT                DISTINCT UID,

                                  AVG([AveragePing]) AS 'Average Ping per User'

      FROM                   [dbo].[UserLatency]

      WHERE                [TimeStamp] BETWEEN <Parameters.Min Date> AND <Parameters.Max Date>

      GROUP BY           UID


      The date format i use is an English one (mm/dd/yyyy)

      My workbook locale is set to English(United Kingdom)

      Our Tableau server locale is set to English (United Kingdom)


      However, as soon as i publish this dashboard to tableau server everything goes a bit wrong. The parameter calendar drop down (which is now the default) is in that English dd/mm/yyyy format, but when i select a date like Jan 6th 2014, the displayed date format immediately changes and the view starts displaying data from June 1st 2014 (so obviously the view becomes blank), if i want to look at Jan 6th data, i have to select June 1st from the calendar..... The same thing happens with my Max Date parameter.


      Weirdly, if i manually type in the date i want, the parameter works, which leads me to believe the problem is with the calendar mechanic itself.


      I've tried changing my workbook and server locale to English (US) and i've tried selecting different date formats and display date formats in the parameters themselves, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Whatever date i select from the parameter calendar dropdown, gets translated into a US date and displays the wrong data.


      Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated! (images below)


      Kind Regards,



      About to click Jan 6th.png

      Calendar suddenly jumps to June 1st 2014 and gives wrong data.png

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          Jérémy LEPERLIER

          Hello everybody,


          I have the same problem.


          My software environment is :

          - Tableau Desktop 64 bits Version 8.1.3 (8100.13.1231.1350). The software is configured in french . The local language of workbook is french too.


          - Tableau Server 64 bits Version 8.1.3 (8100.13.1231.1350).


          - My workbook contains 6 sheets and one dashboard. The data are an extract of a Microsoft Server SQL Server 2008 R2 (Version 10.50.4000).


          I have a parameter (date type). When I changed date with calendar and I put "01/05/2014", the date changed into "05/01/2014". I tried other locals languages but issue is the same.


          Anyone have an idea to resolve this issue ?


          Thank you.


          Best regards,


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            Matthew Araujo

            Hi Jeremy,


            Not sure if you managed to get any further with this issue, but as it didn't look like anyone had an answer here i submitted a support request and this was the response i got:



            The encountered issue when clicking on a Calendar Control date filter on a non-US Tableau Server, the day and month are switched is a known issue that is fixed in Tableau Server 8.1.4 soon to be released. It occurs only for dates where the day is between 1 and 12.


            In the meantime, the following work around would correct the problem:


            Set Short Date Format for Tableau Server Run As user to M/d/yyyy:


               1.  Log in to Tableau Server computer as the Tableau Server Run As  user

                2. Open the Control Panel > Date & Time menu

                3. Change the "Short Date Format" to "M/d/yyyy"

                4. Click OK

                5.  Restart the computer



            Hope this helps you out ^_^


            Kind Regards,


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              Jérémy LEPERLIER

              Hi Matthew,


              Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your workaround.


              In same time, I was logged my case to Tableau support and they said me that the issue should be corrected in the next release (8.1.4), as you said. So, I will try to modify the server calendar parameters.


              Have a good day.


              Best regards,