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    i want to find the top N within a category. But some values are negative, the sorting is not working properly

    chenfei li

      this question is old. there are tutorials online teaching you how to do this. I was following this one. Using index() to filter top N within a category - YouTube. I used index to do this.

      however, some of my measure values are negative. So in my sorting, tableau seems incapable to do the sorting properly. In fact, I don't even understand how tableau is sorting for my data. there is no logic in it. What should I do under this situation? I guess finding top N is not working when you have negative and positive values combined.   Correct me if i miss anything here.  .


      please see attached. the combined set is doing the right sorting, however using the index  doesn't give me the right  result. What I want to do ultimately is to show the the information on the map. For example, sprint does best and att does worst  in California. To display this, I want to create a filter and let the user to choose  the top/ bottom carrier in each state.  I am confused.Thank you for your help.