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    Tableau Analytics on the Business Network and Data Source in a secure layer behind firewall

    Babar Iftikhar

      Dear All,


      I have the data source behind the firewall on the data layer. The customer wants to see tableau analytics on the Business Network. The data needs to be pushed from the data layer to the Tableau server on the business network. This has to be uni-directional data flow from high security area (data layer) to low security area (business network).


      The solution that I have been thinking has two Major STEPS

      STEP A

      1) Install the Tableau Server on a machine on the Business Network

      2) Install Tableau Desktop on a machine in Data Layer

      3) Create the data extract "MyExtract.tde" in Tableau Desktop on a machine in Data Layer

      4) Create the workbook "MyWorkbook.twbx" in Tableau Desktop on a machine in Data Layer

      5) Copy the tde and twbx manually and publish it on the server (one time offline activity) using Tabcmd or Tableau Desktop on the Tableau Server machine on the business network.


      STEP B: ONLINE incremental data push from Data Layer to Tableau Server on Business Network

      1) Install tabadmin utlity on the same machine in Data Layer where Tableau Desktop has been installed in step A2.

      2) Use Refresh extract command to refresh the twbx on the server.

      However, B2 may require request / response between Data Layer and Business Network which is NOT allowed with the customer.

      i.e. User Authentication and then "refresh command". The command must be expecting response from the Server on the Business network (any response back from server at Business network to tabcmd utlity on the data layer is NOT allowed)


      Need help on B2 how to proceed from here.

      Any other solution is also appreciated.