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    Slow OLAP Data Sorting

    Felix Chou



      I wonder if anyone have experience similar sorting performance in OLAP connectivity in fine grain granularity (at lowest level eg: individual customer accounts). Basically my view is only showing approximately 980 individual accounts owing balance in text grid view at server default sort order (ascending account name) and as soon as I try to rearrange the text grid view descending by owing balance the processing never stop.


      I've tried an alternative by creating a calculated field using RANK_UNIQUE(Sales) and that gives me almost instant sort performance when I try to sort this field but as soon as I select another month in the filter the data sort order goes back to it's original state for this new filtered month. One thing I realised using this method is I think Tableau create it's own manual sort list in my account dimension so I assume it's static to that particular view and as soon as the data changed the sorting is compromised.


      All I really want to achieve is to show my TOP N by a measure (eg: sales, owing balance...etc) in my view. Am I on the right track or does anyone a better suggestions how I can accomplish this TOP N in OLAP?


      Many Thanks.


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          Jay Zwagerman

          I am experiencing the same issue. Did you find any resolution? I would like to be able to sort in Tableau and not have it run an Order() mdx query on the back end. The data is already displayed I would think it would be easy for tableau to sort it, but I can't seem to figure out how.