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    Column Variable order fixed, need to reverse order

    Leslie Henrickson

      OK, still working from the excellent resource   http://www.datarevelations.com/2012/01


      Trying to get my data to look like this with the my COLUMNs in order with the count-distinct first:   CNTD(UID)  AVG(INSTRUCTOR-LICKERT1).



      But, not matter how I try my COLUMN lists the AVG before the CNTD, and I can't figure out how to reverse the order.


      Arg, please help, thanks.


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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi, the first two images or screenshots you are linking to aren't showing up, so I'm having to guess based on Steve's blog  post.


          The reason why you can't reverse the order is that CNTD(UID) is a green pill, so it is continuous and creates axes. The AVG() pill is a blue pill, so it is discrete and creates headers.


          I'm not sure what you're trying to do with the moving average, usually (always??) a moving average has a date or time dimension in the view and I'm not seeing any time dimension there. Right now I'm guessing the Compute Using of the moving average is set to the Question or Table (Down), so it is partitioning on the Response dimension and giving you different results for each Response, and since it's a blue pill it's generating the separate headers.


          What exactly are you trying to take the average of, and how do you want that displayed?



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