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    Applying a filter/calculation to only certain measure values in a table

    Renee Jutras

      I have a table where I am displaying the average, st dev and median of two of my measures. I would like to make it so that certain values turn certain colours if they are above/below a certain threshold. Specifically, I want the median displayed to turn green if it is above state average, and I want the average to turn red if it is above national average. How can I add colour filters like this on only a certain row? See picture below (numbers obscured).
      Ideal situation:


      I want to apply the colour filter to only certain measure values (one to MEDIAN(totvolume) and one to AVG(totvolume)), but I don't seem to be able to do this without affecting all of them.
      Any workarounds for this??
      Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!