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    How to get value for maximum of a graph when graph is broken down further

    Renee Jutras

      So I have a stacked area graph of total volume usage by months, broken down by colour by "Customer Types". I would like to either grab the max and min of the whole graph and the months they fall in (not by each customer type) and display them in a table, or display them as points on the graph. I am aware this would normally be done with WINDOW_MAX, but when I do this, it takes the max by each customer type, and not the max of the whole graph. Here are the things I tried that ended in dead ends:

      I have messed around with the "compute using" options for the WINDOW_MAX calculations and not been successful. It seems you can't exclude the customer type breakdown from the calculations.

      I have made another of the same graph without the customer type breakdown and would love to just overlay that data onto the existing area graph, but can't find a way to do this either.
      Here's the graph I have (areagraph) and the graph I would love to overlay (line graph), and what happens when I try to put the calculations into the area graph (the points look like they don't correspond to the maxes and mins of each customer class because they are also not taking into account the stacked volumes either)

      Are there any work arounds for this?