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    Shading being applied everywhere

    Kurt Heisler

      Suddenly, background shading is being applied to all cells in table and all graph elements, like lines, bars, etc.


      It's affecting existing and new vizs, regardless of what measures I'm working with. I've verified that Format Shading is set to none for everything, including all panes, banding, etc. 


      I do notice that if I reduce the transparency for Color on the marks card to 75% the shading goes away, but I don't recall ever having to do this so I suspect something else is amiss. On the line chart, it's hard to see but the line also has a soft gray border/shading around it. Bars in bar charts have the same thing.


      Any ideas what global property might be causing this?


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Kurt,


          Is this only for Tableau Desktop? Are you able to post a packaged workbook where you are seeing this? Is it for all workbooks or only this one specific one?



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            Karen Burns

            Hi Kurt:

            this is happening to me too! and I've individually cleared every thing i can think of and/or tried to reapply row banding (which is what i want) all to no-avail!

            I'm also getting (what I think are....) "Mark Borders" on lines even though supposedly this isn't an option for lines!

            This all seemed to happen when I opened an 8.0 workbook in 8.1.

            I look forward to any advice you get from this post.



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              Matt Lutton

              Please contact support@tableausoftware.com so they are aware of the issue you're both encountering--also, if you get a resolution, please post it here so others may be able to find it.

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                Wendy Zhou

                my Tableau 8.0 worksheet display exactly the way they should be on 8.1


                really want to know how things turns out.

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                  Karen Burns

                  Hi Wendy

                  some of mine were fine - some were not. That is what is so puzzling! I have compared all the settings and i can't find any difference between the ones that are behaving and those that are not.

                  thanks, Karen

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                    Karen Burns

                    HI Matt:

                    I will send info and samples as you suggest.


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                      Karen Burns

                      Hi Kurt (and Matt)

                      I logged a support request and have been dialoging with a fellow named Nick. He asked that I put together a sample of the workbook that worked OK and the almost identical one that was doing all the weird shading. (I did this and sent them).


                      Guess what!? I discovered a curious workaround while putting the workbooks together!

                      For the workbook that is wonky, if I make a copy of the original excel file and save under a NEW name with NO other changes, then within the work book I “connect to data” to this identical file and then “replace the data source” with this identical file (with a new name) – it cures the problem!

                      [It screws up a few ordinary (fixable) formatting things like the colors I’ve chosen for some charts and number formatting for some series – I’m sure if I wasn't an amateur then I would know how to avoid this!].


                      So the process of replacing the data source with a new (identical) data source is an amateur way to correct the problem! At least in my particular situation.

                      So the "data replace process fixes it for me or is at least a workaround for this particular wonky workbook.


                      I don’t know if it would help you with your similar problem.

                      I’ll be curious to find out if you find a better way of fixing it or – indeed – why it happened in the first place! But in the mean time I hope this might help you!



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                        Zachary Fraile

                        That 75% trick works great--until you publish.  The published workbook still has the same shading issue...very aggravating if you are trying to use color banding that suddenly stops being banded.


                        Has anyone found a better workaround?  Recreating the data source is not a viable option for me since there are 50+ calculated fields, plus tons of aliases and field-level number formats in my normal data source.  I can copy/paste the calc fields, but cannot afford the time investment to do the others manually.



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                          Phil Roberts

                          I had the same issue.  I created a new extract from the Excel file and it solved it.  Painful to recreate all the calculations though.

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                            Amy Song

                            I am having the same issue! My data connection has too many calculations that it would be very cumbersome to try to recreate. Is this a bug? Will it be addressed in a maintenance update?