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    formating text rows with different shading based on another text column

    Tara Carter

      Hi there


      I have a table like below that need to add different shading to text column A based on values in text column B, but can't figure out how to. Any help appreciated!



      Content TitleType
      From High Risk to High RewardPOV
      Government Analytics: What GovernmentsEmail
      How to Build Government ForecastsEvents - In Person
      Analytics in ActionEvents - Virtual
      From High Risk to High RewardDirect Mail
      Government Analytics: What GovernmentsMicrosite
      How to Build Government ForecastsPOV
      Analytics in ActionEmail
      From High Risk to High RewardEvents - In Person
      Government Analytics: What GovernmentsEvents - Virtual
      How to Build Government ForecastsDirect Mail
      Analytics in ActionMicrosite