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    How to refer to a Group (hierarchy) in a calculation?

    adil sermouh



      I'm a bit stuck with that question.


      The thing is pretty simple, I have a calculation to make and I want to refer to a Group of fields I created inside a hierarchy.

      Only that fields can be accessed from there but not Groups.


      This calculation is related to a paramter I use to select the axis from which I want to see my data broken down with.


      CASE [Paramètres].[Axis]

           When 'Section' then [Section]


      Else ''



      As I am using that Axis parameter in a table, I want to show the Grouped version of [Section] I created and not all the [Section] fields.

      I'm not sure that's the right way to get to this result, but it all worked this way before I introducted the notion of drill down.


      Thanks for the help