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    How to set changing number formats on a dynamic dashboard?

    Paul Rau

      I just created a worksheet made up of three separate measures (1) Dollars, (2) Units, and (3) Price, using a Parameter & Calculated Measure, so the user can toggle between.


      In the original data I formatted everything so that Dollars includes a $ sign ($x,xxx), Units is just as is (x,xxx), and Price includes a $ sign  to two decimals ($x.xx). I set the parameter and calculated measure w/ this formatting (and this formatting's in place in my original data when I view the sample inside Tableau too), but when I change between the measures in the worksheet/dashboard, these formatting displays don't hold (price maybe x.xxxx, or dollars doesn't include a $ sign). Any suggestions on setting this so that these formatting displays hold when you toggle between Measures??? Thanks for your help w/ this!