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    Is there anyone who works with a country map by World Time Zones

    Teresa Obis

      Hello my friends,

      I have a Table with country code and the number of shown I have had of my web page.

      I would like to see the activity by hour using standar UTC to see how much busy is my server. That is easy because my server write UTC, country, city, at each shown.

      But also, I would like to see the activity of some countries/cities all togheter, e.g. the ones who have and offset of 1, ...


      How can I do it?

      Maybe I can color the country of the standard map by offset so I should introduce the offset of each country/city. But how?

      Or maybe I can use a World Time Zones Map like http://www.everythinglongdistance.com/CIA-map.htm  

      but it would be very difficult to intoduce coordenates for each country/city, wouldn't it?


      Then I can found a list of countries/cities with the offset. I have found a list that says e.g.


      United StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles-0800
      United StatesAmerica/Menominee-0600
      United StatesAmerica/New_York-0500

      But what happends at San Francisco, Boston, ... or any other important cities

      Is there anyone who knows a table with the offset for the principal cities in the World?


      Any help will be well received because I do not know how to proceed now.


      Thank you very much,