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    Suggestion to Question Posters...

    Shawn Wallwork

      Suggestion: Make the very first line of your question read/say/indicate:


      "In the attached 8.1 (8.0, 7.0) workbook..."


      This tells us helpers you've attached a workbook (which is the most critical determining factor in our making a decision as to whether your question will get get our attention.)


      You will almost certainly attract more helpers to your question if you post a sample workbook, and state that fact upfront.



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          Craig Mullins

          thanks for this constructive suggestion!

          whatever solicits the best and quickest response is smart.

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            Matt Lutton

            7 months ago, I was kind-of against this mindset.  However, after several months of trying to solve forum problems, there are far too many cases where a sample workbook could easily be created using the Superstore sample data provided with Tableau.  However, I think the main problem is new users are not sure how to do this, and it can take them a very long time to replicate something using sample data--and there is no documentation/guidance available to them--so, they only learn by practice and experience.


            But I digress, and whole-heartedly agree now, that we need packaged workbooks (as well as mockups, clear descriptions of the problem, and a note about which version you're using) to help you in most cases!