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    Tableau Server Doubt?

    Vignesh Karunakaran

      Can any one tell me...how and where to download a cross tab(excel sheet) from Tableau server with information of having workbook,dashboards and their sheets seperately as tabs in a excel sheet. Each tab in excel sheets must contain the single dasboard sheet information containing the number of visits by user names,user id and so on.  The main idea is to get the workbook->view wise information.


      For eg:- If am having a workbook in tableau server named SALES ANALYSIS and having views WEB ANALYSIS, TREND ANALYSIS....

      The out put in excel sheet should contain the 3 tabs SALES ANALYSIS, WEB ANALYSIS, TREND ANALYSIS and each tab contains the view count with respect to every single visitor who visited that VIEWS in the Tableau server

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Vignesh -


          Tableau Desktop and Server are not designed to deliver the full fidelity output you're asking about. You will have to export each sheet on it's own in a distinct Excel workbook, then combine the three.


          Hope this helps,



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            Vignesh Karunakaran

            Hi Russell,


            Am not saying about the workbook content to be taken in excel. I know that it can be taken when you have the workbook in your desktop and can select the cross tab option to get it.


            Am asking about the visitors details to the workbook which is published in the server, with respect to each tab(worksheet) in workbook. which means the output excel sheet will contain username who visited the workbook's worksheet and count of times he visited the worksheet.


            Hope i think you understand my question...




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              Russell Christopher

              Oh, OK.


              I think I understand now. The embedded admin portal reports are limited to the export formats provided in the browser (image, data, crosstab,pdf) you can export a single sheet in any dashboard in one of these formats, or the entire dashboard as an image or pdf.


              There is no way to export one-excel-sheet-per-user automatically.


              You have two choices:




              •   Find/open the workbooks on your Server’s file system and modify them however you want. This is unsupported, but not too difficult. The workbooks can be found in :


              c:\program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\8.1\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\admin\ (look for tabbed_admin files)




              •   Create your own versions of these reports and export them. Use the information provided in KB article "

              Creating Custom Administrative Views<http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-custom-administrative-views>” (which you can google) to learn how to connect to our metadata store.



              Hope this helps!