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    My tableau server is running remote queries very slow


      I'm running chart refreshed from a workbook which fetches data from a remote database.


      • When running from desktop, performance is acceptable. (A few minutes to get data then interactive use is a good).
      • When I publish the same workbook to the server I can wait 20+ minutes for the worksheet to open.
      • The server otherwise performs fine. Extracted data works good. All other worksheets/workbooks are fine. Not this remote one.


      Server details.


      • i7 core machine.
      • 16Gb RAM.
      • plenty of disk space.
      • VizQL and Application server parameters set to 8 (but other values have been tested too with little difference).
      • Worksheets are fairly simple. Minimal calculated fields.
      • I have been through several thread on here for ideas. None mention remote data access.


      When working against a remote database, is there any substantial difference between what the desktop Tableau version and Tableau server does when opening a worksheet ? The current speed would be totally unacceptable for use.


      Any ideas appreciated.