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    Clicking a filter option changes the view

    Pankaj Chopra

      I have a view1 in the packaged workbook attached which shows the no of hours per name per week. I also have a filter by Place. When I click a particular option on the filter, my no of hours change (View 2 in packaged workbook). I don't want my view on the no of hours to change. I want it still as per employee per week like in View 1.  For eg if in View 2 Name A shows up, I still want all its Hours still to be displayed as in View 1. How to achieve that?


      I am thinking of Table calculations but unable to achieve it.

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          Pankaj Chopra

          Does anyone has any ideas on how to approach the above issue? Is it possible or my data is in a wrong shape?

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            Matt Lutton

            I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish.  Both View 1 and 2 are exactly the same.  When you change the dimension [Place] in your quick filter, you are changing the level of detail for the view, so the numbers changing is expected behavior.  For example, when you choose "Agra" in the quick filter, you are now looking at the hours worked by people at Agra only.


            What you hoping to achieve as a final result?  What is the purpose of the quick filter, if you hope to show the hours across all places?

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              Matt Lutton

              Not sure if this is what you're after but check it out.  It uses the common approach for filtering without affecting results--see this article:


              A Jedi (Filter and Table Calc) Trick | Tableau Software


              Pay close attention to the compute using/advanced table calc settings on each Table Calc in the view.  Setting this to compute properly for the dimensions in the view is critical to getting the results we want.  I still struggle with this at times, but it seems to be working as you described now.


              The only issue is there is a blank value in the filter selection, and typical methods for removing it were unsuccessful (tried duplicating the field, with same compute using settings, but it always made the original filter disappear).  A data source filter won't work since its a Table Calc.  Perhaps someone else knows how to eliminate that value?


              Tableau 8.1 workbook attached.

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                Pankaj Chopra

                Thanks Matthew. I will look into the above post and read about it. Btw I modified the attached file and explain below in simple language what my final goal is


                Background - Many to Many relationship between Names and Places.


                View 1 - Just gives agg hours against names for a particular week


                View 2 - When I filter on couple of places it gives me only those names which belong to those particular places. I did this with the help of the post which Michel did


                View 3 - In this view, I am trying to get the hours as well as only those names which belong to the filtered places but only partial hours show up whereas I need complete hours since hours are associated with names and not skills ( Compare View 1 and View 3 ) to compare hours for lets say Name A.


                It might be the way my excel sheet is set up datawise but that how I am able to get from my database.

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                  Pankaj Chopra

                  The purpose of the quick filter is to be only able to get names which belong to those places but the Hours information should be still aggregated. I think I know the problem might be the way my excel data is in place but is there still a way to achieve this in Tableau.

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                    Matt Lutton

                    If you look at the workbook I posted, I believe your solution is there.  The quick filter changes to show only people that should be shown, but the hours are the same aggregate as in View 1.

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                      Pankaj Chopra

                      Hi Matthew



                      I tried the technique but doesnt seems to work. Maybe you can have a look again when you have a moment. When I select Agra and Bombay (View 3) the hours for A show as 32 40 40 40 whereas they should show as 40 40 40 40 as in View 1.Its aggregating the hours for only those 2 places but I want it to aggregate for all the places.


                      The problem is I am using the Place filter as not really a filter in View 3 but only to check which names associate with those places. in View 1 you see, I have all options clicked.  I want the filter not work on the Hours calculation.


                      Another way to portray this info if there is no other solution is once I have the names from View 3, I can use View 1 to get the hours. Can the names obtained from View 3 act as a filter on View 1. If yes how to set up that action?



                      I am still attaching the file again