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    Possible to have distinct totals at the bottom of a table?

    Djalal Bougriou

      Hello everyone,


      I contact you about something I am trying to achieve in a view, which having distinct totals at the bottom of a table. I have constructed a view that is a list of campaigns, for each campaign there is the corresponding amount of money that was raised. There is also a client_code assigned to each campaign. And finally it is important to know that campaigns are sorted based on the field named "Postdate" so that they appear from top to bottom from the most recent to the oldest, which is why I cannot use the function "Add all subtotals" to obtain what I want.


      My question is then, is it possible to have the totals per client_code at the bottom of the table?  You can find attached a workbook ofn the situation to make things clearer.

      Thanks in advance!