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    Product sales dashboard doubt

    Vignesh Karunakaran

      If i have a table containing some 3 product item details, i can create seperate dashboard for displaying 3 different product which comes from a home page. but what if the case when i have 100 products?    for which i need to create the dashboards of same type or what?.

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          Matt Lutton

          Can you ask your question in another way?  I'm not sure I understand.


          Are you asking if you need to create 100 worksheets, one for each product?  If that is what you are asking, then NO, you absolutely should avoid that.  There are many ways to display this in one worksheet on one dashboard, depending on what you want your users to be able to do.  Using a quick filter to allow users to see one or more products at a time is one option; using parameters to allow users to choose what they see is another.  I'm just not clear on what you are trying to accomplish.


          Before I give any further advice, can you clarify what you are asking please?  Perhaps an explanation of what your users are going to o with this dashboard when its finished would be helpful in understanding your problem.  What is the goal of the project?



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