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    Overlapping two line charts onto a single graph

    Shannon Ackert

      Dear members,


      I'm new to tableau and am struggling to develop what I thought was a seemingly simple chart.  The chart in question is an aircraft payload-range chart, which includes two data sets ; one for payload and the other for range.  Ideally, what I'd like to accomplish is to include a quick filter consisting of aircraft types prefixed with the associated Maximum Take-off Weight (i.e. A320 77t, A320 75.5t), and from this value list generate multiple, overlapping line charts - I've included a MS Powerpoint attachment highlighting the objective output, as well as the excel sheet with indicative data sets.  I've also attached the sample tableau (.txb) file.


      I've toiled with every conceivable option, but cannot get the charts to overlap, instead I'm only able to generate a single line chart.  Somehow I'm convinced there is a solution, but need assistance in uncovering the technique.


      Much appreciate any assistance.


      All the best - Shannon