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    Create Gantt chart but with two measures along one bar

    Thuy Nguyen



      I have a table with a list of technology names and dates of when the technology starts and goes into retirement phase. At the moment I have created two Gantt charts, one showing when the technology starts lifecyle and another chart showing when it retires lifecyle.


      E.g For when the technology is in start phase.


      Rather than having two separate Gantt charts, is there a way I can also add the retirement phase for each technology to this chart, but continue it after each start phase lifecyle?


      Just to provide some context, here is an extract of my table, so when the Legacy date ends, I would like the retire start date to begin, but in another colour


      SAN Switch01/01/201318/12/201319/12/201307/10/2014



      Many thanks,