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    I would like to count distinct instances of a dimension (Tasks) if another dimension (status) does not equal a value (2)

    MIke Brown

      I am trying to create a visualisation for a service desk (Track-IT) report.


      In the database I have a list of tasks (TASK) each with a status (0=new, 1=open, 2=closed, 104=waiting, etc..)

      I would like to count all tasks that have a status other than 2 (i.e. all open tasks).

      I had come up with

      COUNTD ([TASK]) IF ([WorkOrderStatusId] != 2)

      Tableau complains about a missing operator infront of IF.


      The second part of this request is that I would like to graph these results as of each Thursday morning (for the weekly report) over a year (2013, 2014). Here is where I show my newbie status and say that I can add dates that are part of the data (open date, close date, mod date etc...) but have not yet figured out how to add dates that are not existing fields if that makes any sense.


      I have attached a mock up of what I am after.