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    Table driven data source filtering based on tableau user

    Jason Wilson

      My issue is all my reports have an account id field (from an accounts table that is basically a distinct list of accounts) which I create data source filter on so that each tableau user can only see the account's data that they have permission to.  This works great and achieve the needed functionality and security.  My problem is it is a bit of a maintenance nightmare as we have 30+ reports/data sources, so each time a user is added they have to go touch all 30+. 


      Was wondering if there was an easy way to perhaps create a user table that lists the tableau user ids and account id they have access to and have tableau automatically pick the user id and join to the table based off of it and use that for its join to the accounts table which would handle my data filtering.  That way the would only have to populate the user table and not touch all 30+ report data sources every time they add/change a tableau user.


      Hope that makes sense!