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    Filter Date Range and Default Quick Filter Section on Refresh


      I'm looking for a solution to restrict my date range to all dates January 2013 and later AND default quick filter selections to include the most recent date. This way for each monthly refresh the user will always see the most recent data by default and can navigate back to historical data as far as 1/2013.  I created a filter on Date with criteria 1/1/2013 or later and added this to Context, which does seem to accurately restrict the quick filter options. However, I can't seem to get the filters to default to the most recent date. E.g. when I added a record for 2/2014 to my dataset and refreshed the extract, 1/2013-2/2014 are accurately available for selection but the drop down doesn't default to 2/2014 as I need it to (it defaults to whatever was previously selected, in this case 1/2014).


      I've attached a workbook with 2 tabs similar to what I'm trying to accomplish in my actual workbook. Thank you!