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    Why are all the database options disabled on the "Connect to Data" page?

    Ramon Felciano

      Hi --


      I'm trying to start a new workbook using Tableau Desktop 8.1 64-bit running on Windows 7. I'd like to connect to an Oracle data warehouse. On the "Connect to Data" page, the majority of the connection types listed under "On a server" are disabled. Only "OData" and "Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket" are enabled. I thought this might be a driver issue but I downloaded and installed the 64-bit Oracle 8.1 driver from the drivers page and it doesn't seem to have had an effect.

      1. Am I correct in my diagnosis, i.e. the disabled entries signify a driver problem?
      2. If so, is there something else I need to do to register the Oracle driver correctly with Tableau?