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    Initial Extract Load VERY SLOW

    david sacks


      Hi All,



      I was wondering if anyone might have a solution to the following situation...(BTW, I'm a newbie to Tableau)


      I have a workbook and a data source. The data source loads data from an Excel spreadsheet via a data connection to the Tableau Data Server. The wookbook reads the data that was loaded from the data source (there is a sort within Tableau for display purposes). That said, the excel file grows daily by about 1000 rows (or 500KB).



      The problem is that it takes forever for the data to get loaded into the workbook when I start it -- and like I mentioned above as the file grows the load time takes longer.



      So, I am wondering what I might be able to do to expediate the loading time -- any thoughts, ideas????



      One thought that I had -- is it possible to load/extract a subset of the data initially and then load/extract more as the use moves the slider, related to the date that they want to see data for?



      BTW, extract is truned on the workbook.


      PS -- I did look at the forum -- found things related to extract value -- it is turned on (YSE EXTRAT) in the data connection; in the workbook it is grayed out.


      Also, I hope that this is the correct place to post this   :-)



      Hope this all makes sense :-)



      Thanks all,





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          Matt Lutton

          How about publishing the workbook with the data source embedded as an extract to the Server (rather than using a Data Server data source), then set a refresh schedule for the workbook/embedded extract and set the schedule to refresh overnight--so, if you open the workbook from the Server site after refresh, the new data should be there and you shouldn't have to load it into the workbook.


          Does this make sense to you? Or have you never worked with workbooks published with embedded extracts?  Is there a specific reason you utilizing the Data Server for your data source?

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            david sacks

            Hi Matthew,


            That is a great idea but the users want the extract scheduled for mid day  :-( 


            Oh well, I shall keep searching!


            Thanks for your reply (and it makes prefect sense!).



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              Toby Erkson

              You're using the word "workbook" which has two definitions in your particular post, Tableau Desktop workbook and Excel workbook, so be mindful of reader ambiguity.


              Is the Excel workbook saved on the Tableau Server or is it saved on another device?  If there is a separation (e.g. Excel workbook is saved on another server located on the other side of the world) then network traffic would contribute to the delay...especially during business hours!


              Also, is your Tableau workbook connecting to an extract?  Because it really should be for faster response times.  If it is connecting to an extract, will an incremental extract work?  What you'd do is initially a full extract to populate the extract and then schedule a daily incremental extract.  I think this would be much faster and should work since data is being added to the extract, not changing rows in it.

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                Matt Lutton

                OP states he is using an extract.


                You could still use the same technique I listed, just have the workbook refresh on the Server mid-day instead of overnight.  You still won't have to deal with slow load times when you open the workbook, as once its refreshed, it'll be dynamically updated on Server.  Unless I am missing something.


                Toby's suggestion of an incremental extract may be a good one for your scenario; all my data refreshes overnight so I haven't dealt with this technique much and cannot comment on it.

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                  david sacks

                  Good points Toby -- and sorry for the ambiguity -- you are so right; I shall be more careful in the future.