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    how to change measure displayed  using 2 or plus parameters

    Nabil Majoul



      I'm trying to build a Map  that displays a measure based on a Parameter selection.

      The trick is that I would like to be able to chose from several parameters

      For example:


      Parameter 1:

      Number of hospitals

      Number of doctors



      Parameter 2:

      Number of schools

      Number of teachers.


      The user should be able either pick a choice in Parameter 1 or PArameter 2and have the appropriate measure displayed.

      The idea behind it is to have a unique Map displaying a serie of indicators.organised by subject (Health, Education,....). to facilitate the user choice I would like to have a different parameter for each subject. 


      I'm using a calculated field and it works fine for 1 parameter but I cannot have it work with parameter 2


      The following calaculated field  does not work As when I select Parameter 2, Parameter 1 remains unchanged.


      Case [Parameter 1 ]

      When "Number of hospitals" then [ Number of hospitals]

      When "Number of doctors " then [Number of doctors]


      CASE [Parameter 2 ]

      WHEN "Number of schools" Then [Number of schools

      When "Number of teachers" Then [Number of teachers]






      Not sure if this is clear Enough .