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    How to connect to Eloqua?

    Daniel Katz

      How do I connect to an Eloqua Insight database?

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          Eric McDonald

          Looks like Eloqua is owned by Oracle. What I'm not sure about is whether the database behind Eloqua is Oracle. If it is then you need to use the Oracle connector. Eloqua technical support shoudl be able to provide you with connection details. If not you may be able to use a generic ODBC connection. Again Eloqua support should be able to give you connection details and/or ODBC driver. It all depends on whether Eloqua are willing to let you connect to their database from another tool.

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            SAIKRISHNA TEJA Bobba

            This might be a bit late, but you can use DataDirect Cloud from Progress Software which supports Eloqua. You would have to use the DataDirect Cloud ODBC drivers that come with their service to connect to Eloqua through DataDirect Cloud service. Link to their page where you can try it for free. Hope this helps.

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              Drew Loika

              Oh look, a topic I'm very interested in. :-)


              I'm a product manager here at Tableau and interested in how people would like to see and understand their Eloqua data in Tableau. Some things I would be interested in finding out are:


              How do you use Eloqua? For example which features you do or do not use to help run your business.

              What challenges are you facing using the built in reporting capabilities?

              Would you be interested in combining your Eloqua data with other data sources for analysis? If so, what are those data sources?


              You can reply in this thread or feel free to reach out to me directly at dloika@tableau.com


              Thanks so much,


              Drew Loika

              Tableau Product Manager

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                Rev Rama

                Hello there,


                I am using below cloud tool to connect to Tableau with Eloqua. I am getting following error. Anyone have used DATADIRECTCLOUD, if so please can you guide me how you successfully connected Eloqua with Tableau using ODATA connector? What is format of URI you have used?




                ThScreen Shot 2016-10-12 at 12.46.06.png

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                  Drew Loika

                  Hi Daniel, good news! Tableau's Oracle Eloqua connector is now available in beta. Give it a try, we'd love to hear your thoughts.


                  Tableau Oracle Eloqua Connector Beta Program | Tableau Software




                  Drew Loika

                  Product Manager - Cloud