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    R and Tableau Server

    Corey Turner

      I have Tableau Server working with R, but when the Rserve service isn't running and you try to load any viz with R calculations, I get this error...


      An unexpected error occurred on the server. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.


      TableauException: An error occurred while communicating with the Rserve service. Tableau is unable to connect to the service. Verify that the service is running and that you have access privileges.

      2014-01-02 17:29:22.029 (UsWh7c7BAcUAAAYYZHIAAACx,0,1)

      Can Tableau Server automatically start Rserve? If not, does anybody know how to start the service on startup automatically? I have tried writing a batch script to start it, but I don't want any console windows open on the server. Thanks!

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          What about adding the RServe executable to the StartUp folder?


          Alternatively, I think there is a way to suppress console window from showing up while running scripts, or run them minimised. But unless the server machine is being used for other tasks, no-one will see any console windows.


          I guess in your situation Tableau Server is not the only thing that runs on that machine, and as such it might not be running on it continuously, so you want RServe to start every time Tableau Server starts, is that right?

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            Corey Turner


            With Rserve.exe in the startup folder,  the console window is displayed which is kind of annoying...

            Usually Tableau Server is always running, but yes that would be ideal to have Rserve along side Tableau Server at all times.

            I have written a C# console application that checks to see if Rserve is running, if not, it kicks it off with no console window. I have added this as a scheduled task to run daily as well.

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              Edmundo Munguia

              I have the exact same problem. Both are running (I have seen to it manually) - We will go to the Start menu later, as for now I simply cannot publish anything