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    Hidden sheets

    John Hester

      I have a workbook with eight dashboards. Each dashboard contains multiple sheets and naviation through all the dashboards is managed through dashboard actions.  In my workbook, I have hidden all the sheets and only the dashboards are displayed.


      When I publish the workbook, will the dashboards will the sheets continue to function properly if I leave the worksheets hidden?


      Will I be required show all the sheets as tabs for the navigation between dashboards to function properly?

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          Matt Lutton

          You will be required to shows all the tabs if you are using a standard Tableau Server site.  The only way around this is to use the JavaScript API on an external portal/site, I believe.

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            Joshua Milligan



            I think I'm interpretting your question differently than Matthew, but I believe the answer is that you can leave your sheets hidden.  The dashboards and navigation should work fine with hidden sheets.  You will need to check the show tabs option when publishing to be able to navigate.  And navigation will be limited to any visible sheets/dashboards (so you wouldn't be able to have an action go from a dashboard to a hidden sheet, for example).  But navigation from one dashboard to another visible dashboard (even when it contains hidden sheets) or other visible worksheets will work fine.




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              Matt Lutton

              Yes, I misread the line:  In my workbook, I have hidden all the sheets and only the dashboards are displayed.


              As Joshua clarified, when publishing, you'll need to show tabs in order to navigate between visible sheets/dashboards.


              Sorry for any confusion.

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                John Hester