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    'Dynamic Parameter' for overlap date

    LeeKian Lai

      I would like to create a filter to show recent 5 day's data.

      It can be done by creating a parameter (attached example). But the problem is the value of the parameter is static. It will become a problem when the data refresh.



      Seem like there is a work around for 'Dynamic Parameter'



      Would appreciate if you can guide me on creating dynamic parameter using data blending for this example.




      Lee Kian

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          Douglas Carter

          Hi Lee Kian!


          I checked our the workbook and when I changed the report date to a single value list or a slider, the Report Date defaults to the end date of the data. I believe that the date would default to the end of the data set if this is applied to an active data set.


          However, I'll keep poking around on this and see if I can figure out something else to make it more dynamic for you.