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    running sum of forecast

    Taylor Marr



      Does anyone know of a good way to forecast in Tableau and return a running sum with the original values and forecast values? I really like the exponential smoothing of the built in Tableau forecasting but it doesn't allow any table calculations. I tried working around this by doing a HoltWinters forecast in R with the R integration, however, I keep receiving errors because of the complexity of passing the data back and forth for the forecast. If there is a calculated fields (or many calc fields) I can create to recreate the Tableau forecast that would be preferred. Need to forecast through the end of the current month for revenue.




      For reference here is my R script I tried using:







      ts.prediction<-forecast.HoltWinters(ts.forecasts, h=7);






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          Peter Gilks

          This isn't a perfect solution, but if you build a regular tableau forecast time series chart, hit CTRL C, open a new Tab and hit CTRL V you will have the estimates, upon which table calculations such as running total can be performed.

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