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    Index Numbering or Numbering of Text Strings across Dimensions

    John Sobczak

      I am trying to do a very basic numbering of text string flag conditions each of which is in it's own dimension.  For example, for a given ID if I have two flag conditions (eg. Flag 2 & Flag 5) I would like to number the correspnding strings 1 and 2 in a report repsectively.  See attached mock-up workbook.


      If this were the only data I were working with, I could reshape the flags fields into a single column/field and get the desired result using index on that reshaped column, however Flag 1 through Flag 5 "measures" are actually calculated measures in my real data. Thus I am limited to using the data as is with respect to reshaping or creating extra joins, not to mention I am working with a complex schema with 22+ table joins and millions of rows of data.