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    DV software strategy ?

    paul yeo

      Hi All


      I am aware that marketing skill is more impt then technical skill in order to make DV product successful , but i am not sure why , can some one share with me ?


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          Joshua Milligan



          I'm not sure I follow your premise.  In the short-term, it is true, I can likely sell about any product in any industry with some good marketing.  But mid- to long-term it has to have technical/practical excellence to survive and thrive.  What are your thoughts?




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            paul yeo

            Hi Joshua

            Many product have very good technical feature and yet unable to sell.


            Also D.V. from mind share is still very low compare to SAS . I think DV only capture about very % . May be only 2 % . So I think it still have very big potential grow rate. So it need very good marketer. That is why I think it is very rely on marketing staff.


            Also if both company have good software , but one is having better marketing strategy to capture more market share will be able to gain more sales even their product is not powerful. for example he can help customer to achieve their goal.


            Since you are a consultant , i have read your profile , can you pls share with me D.V mind share it is still very low , as low as only less then 10% ? meaning out of 100 company only 10 company using D.V software . i mean 10 are using Tableau Qlikview Spotfire , the rest is using SPSS SAS and other....