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    How to tell a story ?

    paul yeo

      Hi All


      I read some where this software can help us tell a story using our data.


      Can some one point to me the link where I can learn more.

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          Dana Withers



          I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the quote, but I think it is a little more complicated or more simple then one link.


          So far, when I've heard Tableau tell about telling a story using data, I have always understood it to be as follows: Every time you create a report, you intend to answer a question that the user of the report has. However, usually that answer leads to further questions, which lead to further answers, which lead to further questions, which... etc.

          Every report you make, every dashboard or sheet you prepare, allows you to answer a question. Making your dashboards and sheets more interactive by allowing the user to slice and dice the data the way they want, or filter the data very quickly, or linking your dashboards and sheets by allowing the user to drill in or drill through or link through to the next board or sheet with provides the follow up question/answer, is telling a story using your data.


          I don't think there is one link that would really tell you how to do that. It starts with a user asking a question of the dataset and then the follow up questions happen all by themselves. Tableau just helps you prepare interactive boards that can be easily linked or helps you present the user with a data source in a way they can use easily to slice and dice and play and get their own answer.


          I did find a link to a whitepaper that might help you further?

          5 Best Practices for Telling Great Stories - And Why it Will Make You a Better Analyst | Tableau Software


          If you are referring to the Story Points feature... I believe that is currently planned for 8.2, but not in the product yet.


          Hope this helps,



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            paul yeo

            Hi Dana


            Yes you fully understood my question. 


            Many thank for your sharing.


            So I will keep in mind when I start to design the chart and table. It must be able to allow user drill in.


            I  fact when I recall all the demo tableua make especially on map it alway tell some story.



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