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    Action Filters on Specific Fields not present in Source/Target Sheets

    Matthew Sanchez

      Is there a workaround to use Action Filters on specific Fields, when those Fields are not present in your Target? I am working with data that has a unique identifier for each sentence, and each sentence has the opportunity to fall into multiple categories. My goal is to create a co-occurrence report that allows me to drill into a specific category and see what other categories "co-occur" with the category I initially drilled into. The problem I'm running into is when I build an Action Filter that takes me to a separate worksheet that has all categories listed, it only displays the category that I initially drilled into. Ideally what I want it to do is use the underlying unique identifiers for the sentences as the filter, so that I see all categories that contain those sentences. The only way I have been able to somewhat achieve this is by choosing the specific field when building the Action Filter. There's just one problem; Tableau won't let me use the unique identifier field unless it is present in my source and target views, but, having data at a sentence granularity destroys the visualization in my dashboard. Any recommendations on how to proceed? I have attached a sample workbook that illustrates the problem.