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    How to rename url

    brant wu

      Hi Guys :

           When I publishing a workbook I found the url is like  "http://localhost/views/_29/sheet0#1",

      how can I rename "_29/sheet0#1" to a meaningful name ?

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          Aaron Clancy

          When you're publishing a workbook the URL will be : server/views/workbookname/sheet name


          So when you save your workbook save it as something meaningful.  Within that workbook, whatever the sheet name is labeled will be the "sheet name" portion of the URL.


          You can explicitly change the workbook name at publication but that gets messy in my opinion.

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            brant wu

            Hi Aaron :

            Thank you for your feedback ,I published a test workbook with sheet "Test_url", the URL is :"localhost /views/Test/Test_url#1"

            Is it possible to remove "#1" ?

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              Aaron Clancy

              The #1 isn’t actually part of the URL per se, you can navigate directly to the link without the #1 and Tableau Server will add it.  I believe this represents the state or session of that particular view.  To see how this works,

              Open two tabs with the same dashboard. Tableau will append a #1 and a #2 to the respective views.  Then highlight some marks on the first tab with #1.  Then switch over to the other tab and change the #2 to a #1 and submit.  You’ll see the same marks selected on that tab when the view loads.


              Hope that helps

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                brant wu

                I get it ,Thank you Aaron!