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    how many times did an employee work over the last x days

    Matthew Seutter

      I have a data set of a 24 hour, round the clock jobs.  So I have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift.  And numerous desks for people to work at.  The attached data set is just one desk.


      My perfect world looks like this:


      Result 1:

      In February, the average employee at the desk worked there X amount of times over the last user adjusted parameter days. 


      On February 15, we had a problem.  The employee, who needs to remain anonymous, worked this job x amount of times in the last user adjusted parameter days.  I went through the long moving count distinct discussion, but I couldn't make it to this end.


      One desk done, another 150 to go!!

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          Aaron Clancy

          I don't understand your "We had a Problem" portion of the question.

          I'm kinda of guessing even at the first part but it sounds like you want a count of times an employee worked in a set time window, irrespective of shift and an average of shifts worked by employee for that same time frame?

          Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.15.13 PM.png

          Im sure my assumptions are off on some level but if you can go into more detail about what is needed I'm quite confident it can be done.

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            Darin Coulter

            See the attached:  Includes the parameter to select a number of days to evaluate.  There's a T/F calc field that uses that parameter value to determine if a date is within Parameter number of days ago.  (Anchored on 3/1/2014 but in real world should be anchored on Today() ).


            The sub total for each job type is totaled using Average, so it tells you how many shifts were worked on average by those employees during that time. I also didn't follow your question, so I'm guessing here also.


            Hope there's something useful there.