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    Multi-step filter action

    Bladen Brannon

      I am new to Tableau and I have just begun working with filter actions.


      I had a simple question.  I have a filter action on a line graph that then filters a neighboring line graph on select.  The neighboring line graph has a filter action on a third line graph.


      My question is can I carry the first filter action all the way to the third line graph?  Ideally I would Select one of my lines on the first line graph which then filters my second line graph.  When I pick a line on my second line graph it would then filter my third line graph based on the filter action on both the first line graph and the second line graph.


      I hope that is not too confusing.  I appreciate any insight.  Thank you.

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          Murali Govindu

          Quick filters in Tableau can be applied either at various levels, if I understand your intent correctly, you must use one filter and further set it to Apply to this worksheets> All using this data source.  Here to use this filter selection your data source should be the same.


          Further, you may upload a mock version of packaged workbook so that one can look at it instantly and may attempt to answer.

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            Hi Bladen,


            Yes you can filter multiple graphs with one action. You simply select the graph you want to filter the others under Source Sheets and then select the graphs you would like to filter on the Target Sheets portion. For the first graph, you would have 1 source sheet and the other two graphs selected. For the action on the second graph, it would become the source sheet and only the third sheet would be a target sheet. Hopefully the attached workbook is similar to what you're looking for.


            With multistep filters, sometimes users like it when I select the radio button that says 'Clearing the selection will: Exclude all values' because they don't have to see the higher detail level from the beginning.


            Good luck!



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              Bladen Brannon

              Thank you Cory.  I was able to get it to work properly with one of the sample data sets, but for some reason in my actual data sets it will not work properly.  My first graph filters my second graph without a problem.  But my filtered second graph does not filter the 3rd properly with the filter from the first graph and the second graph.


              Unfortunately, due to the data that I am working with I cannot upload a workbook to demonstrate the issue.


              I appreciate all the help.

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                Do you have the fields on which you're filtering present in all of the sheets? For example if you're trying to filter on Date or Category you need to have those fields on one of the shelves of both sheets (Sheet 1 & Sheet 3 need to have the Date dimension somewhere on the worksheet). If you don't want to visualize that dimension, you can put it on the detail shelf:



                It's just a guess, I hope it helps you.



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                  Bladen Brannon

                  Thanks Cory,


                  Unfortunately adding the field to the detail shelf did not solve the issue.  I will keep plugging away.  I am sure there is something simple I am missing, but I have been staring at it so long that I cannot see it.


                  I appreciate all of the assistance.



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                    Bladen Brannon



                    You were correct.  I was missing the necessary filter criteria on my second graph so it was not carrying over to the third.  The only problem I am having now is when I add the value to the detail shelf it is taking my two lines one for 2012 and one for 2013 and then breaking those up based on that new value on the detail shelf.


                    I am trying to work through that issue now.  Thanks again for the assistance.