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    Map with labels in center of route, using 'path shelf' method

    Barend Buutfeld

      Dear all,


      I've created a world map where I visualize aircraft routes from Airport A to Airport B, using geographic locations. This I have visualized the routes with the 'path shelf' (Using the Path Shelf for From - To Pattern Analysis | Tableau Software) method, which works well.


      However, every route has an identifier, being a combination of three letter airport codes (e.g. JFK-LAX), which I wish to visualize at the center of the route. Is there any way of achieving this, rather than placing the identifier at the start or finish airport?


      I have attached my file below, where at this moment I am running into the problem that the route code (e.g. JFK-LAX) is placed at the end of the route, rather than in the middle, or at the start.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Best regards,