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    How do you create a line chart with date ranges?

    Jean Jacques Potgieter

      I'm trying to create what seems to be a simple line chart, but I'm having some problems. I'm new to tableau so please excuse my ignorance.


      I have an excel file that has a list of clients in the first column. The first row has date ranges and the rest is values, so it looks like this:


      Client 1$      5$ (3)$  11$  (3)
      Client 2$      5$    (2)$        8$    4
      Client 3$      34$    2$      3$  3
      Client 4$      67$    (12)$        34$    7
      Client 5$      71$    5$      32$  50
      Client 6$      0$      1$        82$    5


      I want the date ranges on the X-axis, the monetary values on the Y-axis, and have a line of the clients that shows change over time.


      When I import the data, I have the date ranges as Measures, but when I try to add them to the columns, they have little bar graphs because the values are in the columns of the date data.