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    Any issues with permissions moving to 8.1?

    Derek Holland


      We recently moved from 8.0 to 8.1

      Prior to the move we had a user named "ClientDemo" which was created and assigned rights to a "ClientDemo" project and thus,
      a related workbook and views.

      All looked OK but on a recent login using ClientDemo, it seemed the user had rights to the project but

      it was showing 0 workbooks and 0 views?

      Logging in as administrator we could see, as expected, the correct workbook published to the project.

      I removed the user and then re-created it and all looks OK again.

      Has anyone witnessed anything similar or has anyone any idea how we might have stumbled upon this?

      I am relatively new to Tableau and perhaps am missing something in the permissions area?

      Thanks in advance for any help