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    Group All Null Values and Group All Non Null Values

    Michael Monoski

      Hi All,

         I have two data sources:

      Data Source 1 will always have a Created By SSO (Number) for every record

      Date Source 2 has a list of SSOs that belong to a certain organization in the business

      The view below is a distinct count of Created By SSO by week

      I would like to have a similar view that is a stacked bar that would show the count of SSOs that match between Data Source 1 & 2 (i.e. that belong to that certain organization) and the count of the SSOs that do not match between the two data sets.


      The view below is only the records the matched between the two data sets. I created this view by filtering on the secondary data source which has a join to the primary data source with the key being SSO.... for that filter I used the criteria of "exclude null values"


      Here is the opposite view (the distinct count of the SSOs that did not match between the two data sets: