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    How to create a table of actuals and differences from targets?




      Can anyone help on what seems like a simple issue of displaying a KPI and how it relates to a target?


      I have a source table showing performance of a business , on 3 different KPIs (e.g. sales, costs, employee count).





      What I want to produce is a summary text table on my dashboard that shows for each KPI the value achieved and the difference that is from the target.


      I'm struggling because I want an output like this where the KPIs are rows and the columns are the absolute value achieved and the % from target.


      Desired output


      I can be quite flexible with data layout coming in, so for instance if it makes it easier my source table can look like the below - but still I struggle because I need to reference between partitions, if I understand correctly.




      The only way I managed so far is a terrible way involving 1 sheet per column and lots of floating sheets on a dashboard - but this is no doubt horrendous practice and doesn't really work in reality when I have many more than 3 KPIs! Also there will be many rows in the real table, one corresponding to every month traded.


      Very simple sample workbook attached. Any help very much appreciated. Please feel free to experiment with doing it with either of the 2 included datasources - they are the same thing but just rearranged as above.