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    Issues creating Paramter filter to show if Item exist exclusively one or both categories

    Padma chintalacharuvu

      I am trying to create a listing with a filter to show the items belongs to exclusively one or both categories.


      Item    Category

      i1        c1

      i1        c2

      i2        c1

      i3        c2

      i4        c1

      i4        c2

      i5        c2


      I want to provide a filter for the category.......only c1, only c2, both

      when the user choose

        c1,   i2   show up  (not i1, i4 as they belong to both)

        c2 ,  i3, i5 should show up  (not i1, i4)

      both,  i1, i4


      How can I do this?  Thanks for any followups!