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    Tableau Server Error 500 when publishing workbook with an extract, why ?

    Jonathan TRAJKOVIC

      Hi everybody,


      I have a little issue about Tableau Server 8.0.x. Indeed, I can't publish any workbook with an extract. The following message is send by Server :

      An error occured when publishing the workbook
      Internal Error
      Response code: 500
      Tableau Server encountered an unknown error

      Did anybody already have this issue ? I can already say that publishing workbook with direct connection is OK, and publishing workbook with an extract from an existing Tableau Server datasource is OK too (indeed I can publish an extract alone as a datasource).


      Furthermore, I have an other issue when I try to install Tableau Server 8.1.x. I can't finish the install and a log file is created in "ProgramData" folder.


      Thanks for your answers !